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13 September 2015

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Reef Monitoring is a 501(c)3 non-profit research organization established in 2005. Headquarted in Clearwater, Florida, Reef Monitoring's main purpose is to organize a group of marine scientists and educators as a means of watching over our invaluable natural and artificial reef systems. 


These scientific studies will allow us to establish a baseline set of data in the event they are impacted by either a man-made or natural event in the future. 


All data collected will be made available to all parties, private or government. 


Reef Monitoring is also dedicated to provide educational programs, to care for and improve Florida's valuable reef and estuarine ecosystems, to advance sustainable communities, to help build institutional ability and to gain broad-based public support for on-going marine conservation, for habitat enhancement and for research and education programs. 


Reef Monitoring was recently awarded a grant by FWC to study larval fish recruitment on natural and artificial reefs!


9-11 September  2016

We have once again teamed up with Guy Harvey for a Lionfish Safari!

Welcome to Reef Monitoring!

BaseLine Data

At our core, Reef Monitoring is seeking to establish a base line set of data about our natural and artificial reef populations. We use a basic scientific method that every day sport divers can learn quickly and immediately start helping us collect this valuable data. You can start helping now!

Reef Monitoring is committed to breaking new ground with on-going and innovative research projects to give us greater and deeper insight into our marine communities.